Macro LED Ring Flash Light

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رينج لايت للتصوير بخاصية الماكرو لمحبي التقاط اقرب و ادق الصور للحشرات و اجزاء الآلات

يتكون من 48 قطعة ليد حيث يمكن ضبط مستوى الاضاءة المناسب

مناسب لكاميرات كانون و نيكون


  • This RF- 550D Marco LED Ring Flash is specially designed to use in the field of macroshot, scientific research,medical and personal photography in a very close distance shooting.
  • It can provide continuous and stable semi light or full light to meet higher photograph needs.
  • Visual LCD display with high definition.
  • Consist of 48 pieces LED, higher luminance and lower static power consumption.
  • Fit Device: for any model of NIKON or Canon brand DSLR

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