Affiliate Program

  • We’re happy to introduce a new and interesting program of Crateen- Affiliate Program which will give you an opportunity to earn money by referring others to purchase our products.
    • Simply this program will generate for you a link, take this link and put it on your website, blog, forum or your facebook, twitter, BBM… or anywhere allow others to click on it, then you will get a commission of each referral sale directed from your link.
Crateen Affiliate Program
1. How does it work?
  • Just create an account to become an affiliate of Crateen. Then you can log into your account to get links to share and advertise them.
  • When any user visits our Website after clicking on the link which you had advertised it and makes a successful purchase, you will earn an outstanding commision of that sale.
  • You will also receive an email to inform you about the commission you get for the referred sale.
2. Affiliate Policy
  • All commissions earned will be depending on the campaign you have joined it.
  • Minimum commission amount to be paid out is 100 AED (28 $).
  • You can only make withdrawal request after 1 week from the time you make commission of at least 100 AED (28 $).
  • Your commission will stay as Pending untill you gain amount of 100 AED and it will be as Available to withdrawal it.
  • Orders are manually reviewed. Fraud orders, cancelled order, refunded orders will not generate commissions.
  • Orders must be leaded from your links in order to be counted.

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